beautifully decorated easter table

An Ear-resistible Guide to Easter Table Setting

I can honestly say I have never truly decorated a table for Easter dinner before. At least, never the way my Grandma Emmie ever did. Grandma Emmie was Martha Stewart before Martha was Martha. In my most recent project, I was surrounded by my clients grandmother’s timeless pieces. Antique dining room furniture, china, and waterford crystal brought back memories of my own childhood at Grandma Emmie’s house for Easter Sunday. For the first time, I found myself longing to create a table in honor of all of our Grandma’s. For everyone’s “Grandma Emmie” that prided themselves in not only on creating the perfect meal for their family but opening a window into their creative soul. Her dining room wasn’t just for feeding her loved ones. Oh nooo… it moonlighted as her craft/sewing room, where she used her mad skills to execute the perfect Easter table. From the centerpiece she made the week before, to the hand made tablecloth and coordinating seat cushions. Her meticulous details fed my creativity more than the delish food.

Last week while putting the final touches in my favorite client Traci’s Dining/Sitting room remodel my inner grandma Emmie was screaming to do something with Traci’s grandmother’s collection of timeless entertaining treasures. We had a photoshoot scheduled and with Easter is coming up…I was going to hop all over it.

You can imagine my excitement being able to style this shoot around my client’s vintage china and dining furniture. I have been lusting after these dishes for quite some time. I will admit pulling this table together was a bit of a challenge for me for several reasons. The high gloss Traci’s Grandmothers table was too fine to risk scratching it. I had a challenge to find a tablecloth that fit with the eclectic curated space and find decor that coordinated with the bold china. I also am not a huge fan of the over the top cutesy trap the retailers put out in their stores.

My Mission: create a slightly cute, cohesive, sophisticated Easter table using Grandma Davis China, in an eclectically curated space. I got this! Let’s break out the china, eyelet dresses, and straighten those bunny ears. We have a mission to complete.

Shopping Checklist:

  1. Placemats/Charges – Hobby Lobby
  2. Glasses/Vases – Hobby Lobby
  3. Flowers – Costco
  4. Paper Mache Eggs – World Market
  5. Porcelain Bunnies – Hobby Lobby
  6. Napkins – Hobby Lobby
  7. 1 set of Bunny Ears
  8. 1 Classic Eyelet Dress – Elle&Em Boutique – Lees Summit, MO
melissa decorates festive easter table

The white lace placemats, pearl pink chargers, plastic rose pink goblets were all from Hobby Lobby. The placemats and chargers were a subtle way to add texture and a soft landing for the bold printed china.

I went for a classic stripe for napkins. I refused to do solid colors so because of my stubbornness I was only left with 1 choice. Once I started setting up I realized the colors were a little off and didn’t complement the tablecloth print. That is why I opted for the napkins displayed in the rose pink glasses. It was a great way to add some varying heights while also adding my signature print mixing.

Costco is my go to for flowers on a budget. It would be a sin if you didn’t incorporate spring tulips to your Easter floral arrangements. I picked up a variety of white and red/yellow and one bunch of yellow Hydrangeas. There really wasn’t a whole lot of arranging to do. I let these flowers lay where they wanted and it turned out gorgeous.

fresh cut flowers on festive easter holiday table

Next is the centerpiece. I found these white porcelain pitchers for the flower vessels. I also grabbed a variety of bunnies and large porcelain eggs to fill in a few gaps.

beautifully decorated easter table
Who knew tablecloths were so hard to find? Once again, Anthropologie to the rescue!

I hope this post helps you discover your inner Grandma Emmie. Happy Easter!