Melissa B. Rodgers

Meet Melissa

I am Melissa B. Rodgers, party and interior stylist.  I’ve dabbled in everything from bartending to bridal design, fashion merchandising to catering. All of these hats helped hone and train my artistic eye with a discernment for coordinating fabrics and good quality furniture. Though my path to doing interior design has been a winding adventure, my experiences perfectly prepared me for doing this thing that I absolutely love -quenching my never-ending thirst for creativity while serving my clients well.

I come from a large Catholic family that is filled with very creative and talented individuals. We are artists, engineers, floral designers, photographers, chefs, hair stylists, seamstress, wood workers, crafters and steel drum makers. I was raised by a single mom so life was always on a budget. She taught me how to take something inexpensive (or free) and turn it into something stylish.

My style is eclectic, whimsical modern with a rustic boho twist and it is always colorful, and casual. I love pieces with a story and adore the interplay of color, pattern, textures and lots of layering.  One of my favorite projects to date is featured on Houzz, please make sure you check it out.  When you work with me, you get a creative, problem-solving stylist who’s not afraid to get my hands or clothes dirty.  *Not my hair, though. I draw the line at my hair.  

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